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Cosmetic Veneers, or Porcelain Veneers, are the easy way to get the smile you always wanted. With Cosmetic Veneers we can correct Tetracycline Stains, Malposition of your teeth, and Discoloration. And this is how it works:


A minimum invasive preparation of your teeth, some conditioning, some etching and rinsing your teeth to get ready for the cementation of the veneers with composite cement, making it stable.

Get that Movie Star smile you see on TV!

The first step is Consultation. Dr. Terra will analyze your facial characteristics in addition to your teeth to determine the correct treatment for you. Creating a natural look to enhance your personal appearance.

Wondering about Veneers cost? Your initial consultation is $150 and from there you will get a quote on the cost of your personal Cosmetic Veneers. Your Consultation Fee is applied to your treatment costs.

Why wait, give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile and make an appointment today.

Book now your appointment

Dr. Terra, at Smile The Spa, is one of US Leading Experts in Cosmetic Veneers

You want the best treatment available when you get your Veneers so go to an expert!

SMILE, we'll do the rest

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